0x0: Making Unity Personal Go Dark

Only Psychopaths Use A White Theme

By default Unity locks the dark theme behind it’s pro version/subscription model. The community has begged for this to be a standard feature for all versions of Unity for years, and when considered as an accessibility issue, it is pretty ridiculous that this isn’t a standard feature.

But this post isn’t here to argue whether locking the dark theme behind a paywall is a dick move or not (because it most definitely is), I’m here to offer a solution.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

This solution was tested with the latest build of Unity (2019.2.4f). Use this guide at your own risk and ensure you correctly back your data up before attempting this.

Download the latest snapshot of x64dbg and extract it. If you would like desktop shortcuts for it or want to register it as a shell extension, go into the release directory and run x96dbg.exe and press the setup button. If you don’t care about those options, hit the x64dbg button.

Navigate to where Unity.exe is located (generally located at C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\*Whatever Version You Are Using*\Editor) and copy it to your desktop. Make another copy of Unity.exe and rename it “Unity_Backup” or something and leave it in the same directory as the original. Now open the original Unity.exe with x64dbg.1

In x64dbg, click on the Symbols tab. With unity.exe selected under the module heading on the left hand table, type into the search bar at the bottom right hand side “getskinidx”. Double click on the entry shown in the image below, which will display a new set of tables. If the entry isn’t present, wait a minute or two and try this step again.1

Find the entry in the image below and double click on it. This will bring up a prompt allowing you to modify the entry. Simply remove the ‘n’ from ‘jne’ so it now reads ‘je’ and hit OK. Close the dialog prompt.21

Now this is done, we are ready to patch the executable up. Click on the Patch button (the bandaid icon), select unity.exe in the modules tab and press the patch file button. This will open up a save file dialog.4

Navigate to the copy of Unity.exe you placed upon your desktop and overwrite it with the patch and close x64dbg. Lastly, replace the original executable in the Unity directory with the version you patched. Run Unity as normal and you should now have the dark theme active. 1

This hack won’t unlock any pro features (besides the editor skin itself) and the skin selection drop down will still remain locked. If you want to return to the light theme, simply replace the patched executable with the backup.

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